Rehabilitative Services

ASG’s rehabilitative services and programs encourage developmental life skills with specialized instruction, group therapy, personal assistance, interactive activities and more. Children cultivate positive social skills, learning habits, organizational skills, independent lifestyle adaptations, emotional coping methods and many other essential skills while working with our professional therapists and their peers.

Rehabilitative services give children, teens and young adults the tools to alter negative behavioral patterns and overcome barriers to socialization, communication and growth. From daily living tasks such as shopping, cooking and cleaning to language therapy, learning, sensory programs and fitness, ASG helps youths of all ages live happy, successful, fulfilling lives. Professional therapists with specialized training provide nurturing guidance and an encouraging environment for individuals with autism and other developmental disorders. Working closely with peers and instructors, children and young adults tackle obstacles in a fun, supportive and engaging environment.

Autism Services Group can help unlock your child’s potential and provide support and resources for your family

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